Welcome to your Challenge Scroll #1!

This week, we are mastering myths from all around the ancient world.


A myth is a story often describing the adventures of superhuman beings that attempts to explain the origin of a group’s customs, beliefs, and, even, mysterious events (like the changing of the seasons).

YOUR CHALLENGE: Choose one of the short stories or videos linked below. When you read or watch it, draw a little star on the 1st Scroll in your booklet. Give yourself a bonus star if you complete a second one!

>> Greek MythPerseus and Medusa — Interactive Website

>> Greek MythArachne the Spinner — Interactive Website

>> Hindu Myth The Legend of Annapurna — Video

>> Hindu MythHow Ganesh Broke His Tusk — 1 Page Short Story

>> Norse MythThe Myth of Loki and The Master Builder — Video

>> Norse MythThor’s Hammer — 3 Page Short Story