Welcome to your Challenge Scroll #1!

This week, we are learning about legends from near and far.


A fairy tale is a story about magical and imaginary beings and lands. Nowadays, we think of Disney movies and musicals, but when they were first written, fairy tales were quite spooky.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Choose one of the short stories or videos linked below. When you read or watch it, draw a little star on the 1st Scroll in your booklet. Give yourself a bonus star if you complete a second one!

>>  Fractured Fairytales — Interactive Website

>>  The Ugly Duckling — 1-Page Reading

>>  The 12 Dancing Princesses — Video

>>  The Emperor’s New Clothes — Video

>>  Hansel and Gretel — SCARY AUDIO STORY 

>>  The Princess and the Pea — Audio Story