Welcome to your Challenge Scroll #1!

This week, we are learning about legends from near and far.


A legend is a semi-true story that usually includes an element of truth or is based on historic facts. Basically, it could have existed or still exists today, but probably does not.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Choose one of the short stories or videos linked below. When you read or watch it, draw a little star on the 1st Scroll in your booklet. Give yourself a bonus star if you complete a second one!

>> The Legend of Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow — Interactive Website

>>  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight — Interactive Website

>>  Does the Loch Ness Monster Exist? — Video

>>  Is There Any Truth to the King Arthur Legends? — Video

>>  The Legend of William Tell — 1 Page Story and Surprise 

>>  The Legend of the Fountain of Youth — 1 Page Reading