Annual Report – 2020
Ellicottville Memorial Library

Circulation Library Holdings Card Holders Library Programs/attendance Community Room Programs/attendance Computer usage Library visits Website visits
2006 4,644 11,021 375 N/A/532 N/A 2,080 4,298 N/A
2007 11,022 12,058 1,166 117/2,515 N/A/2,332 4,240 13,447 N/A
2008 16,280 13,049 1,588 111/1,388 300/4,910 6,732 28,234 N/A
2009 20,695 13,725 1,977 128/2,028 302/3,343 7,146 29,075 8,966
2010 21,868 15,343 2,253 142/1,953 352/3,505 7,480 29,185 17,265
2011 23,214 17,073 2,539 126/2,070 418/3,893 7,727 29,464 19,802
2012 24,228 17,786 2,786 118/2,030 421/3,969 7,378 30,144 20,283
2013 24,101 22,214 3,009 119/1,925 487/3,614 7,169 28,608 11,247
2014 23,260 24,396 3,228 144/2,379 414/3,369 5,832 28,031 17,830
2015 23,813 26,440 3,432 196/2,259 380/2,603 6,636 28,375 17,623
2016 23,261 27,975 3,604 255/2,516 440/2,460 5,264 29,943 28,207
2017 24,856 29,589 3,728 224/2,396 425/2,524 5,299 26,799 36,150
2018 26,300 31,032 3,821 262/2,477 288/1,719 4,544 27,042 18,992
2019 27,376 32,717 3,945 300/3,201 418/2,331 4,278 28,229 26,232
2020 21,280 46,713 4,052 66/416 118/626 1,660 14,337 14,996

The Ellicottville Library had a unusual, yet productive year.  Due to Covid, the Library was physically closed to the public for 12 weeks.  However, during this time, a staff member was available during normal operating hours to answer questions over the phone.  This allowed us to continue to provide patron library cards, renew cards to ensure access to our digital materials, and to offer technical assistance for accessing all of our eBooks, audioBooks and digital magazines. In addition, the Chautauqua Cattaraugus Library System (CCLS), which includes 38 libraries, started a desk chat reference service to answer questions.  This service was accessed via a link on all CCLS websites.

One of the highlights this year was receiving a NYS Construction Grant which allowed us to add a 12’ x 21’ storage room onto our existing building.  This permitted us to convert the old 6’ x 9’ storage room into a study/tutoring room.  This has proved invaluable as we have numerous people per day needing a private space for virtual meetings, studying and remote learning.

This year, due to the Pandemic, circulation and program attendance were lower than previous years.  However, we still increased our holdings, especially the digital materials category and our card holders increased as well.  Our Summer Reading Program had to be designed a little differently this year.  We had 51 children participate and each week they received an activities bag which included various projects and crafts to be completed at home.  The children read for over 40,700 minutes and completed 672 projects.

During 2021, our 60th year of operation, the Ellicottville Memorial Library will continue to fulfill our mission “to promote life-long literacy, increase cultural and artistic awareness and to provide opportunities for education, personal growth and enrichment, free of charge and without bias, to all of those we serve”.


Ellicottville Memorial LibraryEllicottville Memorial Library Annual ReportCirculation

 Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2020




Creating the annual report allows us the opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments of the past year.   It is our chance to point out trends and highlight the special and unusual events of the year.  In March of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, the unusual became the norm. The Library closed its physical doors, and would stay closed to the public for 12 weeks. The Library continued to serve our community every single day, in every way we could. We connected people to information, experiences, and services that enhance their quality of life so our community can learn, enjoy, and thrive.


LibbyIn March our Library System immediately transitioned to improving digital services, expanding our digital collection of materials as quickly as possible so that our community had access to books, audio books and magazines from the safety of their homes.  With your library card you can now download Libby, an app that lets you log in to your local library and access eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines.




Chat ServiceWe set up technology to answer Library calls remotely from home.  This allowed us to answer patron questions and support people learning to use our digital resources.



ServicesFor now, know that we continue to adapt and shift our services in response to our community’s needs. We will keep using our mission to guide us as we move forward through these unprecedented times.  We are here for you, even though the way we serve needs to change.  We are your Library.   In many ways, adapting to change is something libraries have always done.  Moving forward we will continue to meet the needs of our communities.